Hate When I'm Sitting At A Red Light And Then An Airplane Zooms In And Makes A Fireball Explosion Out Of Nowhere

CNN - The word ‘dramatic’ is used so often that it’s now a cliche.

But there is no other way to describe what a car dashcam captured on a busy street in Mukilteo, Washington, on Tuesday. As cars inched forward in traffic, a plane flies into view. It clips power lines and crashes, sending two giant fireballs into the sky.

Fortunately, no one — the pilot or his passenger — was injured, police said.

a fucking fireball comes out of nowhere like a god damn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend, melting your car and knocking out all the power

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.24.38 AM

It’s one of those once in a million type things, and thankfully nobody was hurt. Just can’t imagine what it’s like to sit there and see an airplane take out the powerlines and make a fireball like that. You see it but can’t really believe it’s happening, like when a girl texts you back. Something straight out of a movie.

Reminds me of that TransAsia plane crash from a few years back


Classic asian man “woah”.