I Miss That Beautiful Son Of A Bitch Peter Laviolette So Much

The Predators took a 3-1 lead in the series last night which makes them 7-1 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs so far. Not sure if any of you out there understand the fine intricacies of this beautiful game quite like I do, but winning 7 games and only losing 1 is actually pretty good when you think about it. But the commanding 3-1 lead isn’t what made last night’s win for Nashville such a big deal. Because as you’re all well aware by now, this is the year for blowing 3-1 leads. If this were against any other team in the NHL, I’d say the St. Louis Blues still have a chance because there’s always that possibility the Preds rest on their laurels here and let the Blues sneak back into this thing. But with Peter Laviolette on the bench? Buddy… you can just forget about it.

You see that fist pump right there? That’s the fist pump of a fucking jack hammer. You think for one moment Peter Laviolette would let this team sit back and take their foot off the Blues’ throats? Get real. Lavy has his boys playing with some JAM right now and that’s exactly what the Flyers have been missing ever since they let him go. Berube was a bum. Hakstol is a decent enough guy but he’s been known to prioritize penalty killing over skill a time or 82 before when coming up with his game day roster. But neither of them even come close to being the leader of men that Peter Laviolette is. This fucking guy, man.

Pains me so much to watch him coach that cock sucker James Neal now who put the Preds just one win away from the WCF.