I'm Not Accusing Adam Jones Of Anything, But Maybe Racism Has Simply Never Existed

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox

Ok so Im admittedly just catching up on all of last nights sports news but from what I gather it sounds like the mecurial Bengals cornerback has found himself in the middle of another media controversey. I guess he was visiting Boston and some people threw some stuff at him and called him racial slurs but what this blog is supposing is that not to call him a liar but maybe racism dosent, and has never existed.

I’ve been spending my day hunting down clues by listening to opinions from the diverse demographic of sports talk radio callers and discussing these events at the racquetball club and none of the individuals Ive heard were personally sitting next to the culprit videotaping them at the exact moment that those words were used. Im not Nate Silver but I know a thing or two about sample sizes and this just isnt adding up. I’m not asking for the world here, but I think its important to have a notarized affadavit from the accused or videotaped authenticated confession obtained under a lawful warrant signed by a federal judge before considering the validty of something that makes me personally uncomfortable. As a white guy I’m supposebly statistically more likeley to have ignored casual racism but I cant think of a single time I’ve denied it existed. It simply just does not exist. Im not saying it dosen’t exist, I’m just saying that maybe we should ask for a white guys perspective on wether or not it happens before we jump to conclusions. The only thing worse then racism is when people deny that racism dosent exist without any evidence.

Baseballs probably the least racist sport in America this is the game of Jackie Robinson remember- the man who was celebrated for all of the great things he accomplished between the lines. Its colorblind (except we all hate Blue) and the fact the umpires had dozens of people ejected actualy serves to confirm that it didnt actually happen because when have those clown’s ever gotten a call right in there lives?

Maybe its just time to consult the flowchart again: