Trinity College Frat Bros Get Ambushed By A Bunch Of High School Kids During Their Spring Formal And Get Their Asses Kicked

WFSB 3 Connecticut

CourantAbout a half dozen Trinity College students were assaulted at a coed fraternity’s spring formal late Saturday by teenagers they say crashed the event and then began throwing punches.

At least three students have concussions and a fourth fractured a bone in his face after the brief fight outside St. Anthony Hall, which broke out at about 10:45 p.m. after a group of at least 20 teenagers tried to enter the private event, fraternity president Justin Fortier said Monday.

When the students asked the teens to leave, about half of them started to go but a few who stayed behind quickly became hostile, including a teen who jumped onto a table and others who started throwing punches, Fortier, a junior, said.

“There was a strong core there that was looking to start trouble,” said Fortier, who was among the students who suffered concussions. ” … They were younger than me, but they could punch well.

The teens left before police arrived minutes later, and have not been located.

This is not a repeat, I repeat, this is not a repeat!  I know what everybody is thinking off the bat, that this is a re-blog, that you’ve heard this story before.  Not so fast my friend.  The last case was at Troy University – we’ve got a whole new band of high school punks attacking college kids at whole new campus on our hands here.  It’s an epidemic, it would seem.  Roving bands of misfit, miscreant high school kids looking to bash some skulls in.

And I said it before, same thing applies here – these Trinity Delta Psis have nothing to be ashamed of.  Nothing scarier than high school kids.  Like Justin Fortier said, “they were younger, but they could punch well.”  I don’t doubt it.  Those motherfuckers are ruthless.  They play by their own rules.  They have no manners.  No respect.  They want what they want and if you don’t let them have it, they’ll take it.  That includes your frat patio.  They don’t give a fuck about your luau themed spring formal or your stupid date with a lei around her neck.  If they want to hang out you either get the fuck out of the way or wake up in the hospital with a concussion and a fractured face.