Gas Station Catches Fire When A Guy Uses His Lighter To See How Full His Tank Is

MetroIt doesn’t take a genius to know that if you put a flame next to petrol or diesel you’re going to get a few sparks.

So perhaps somebody needs to have a word with this driver who used a lighter to see if his fuel tank was full.

In the footage, the man can just about be seen on top of the vehicle where it is believed he is trying to put diesel into a canister strapped onto the roof of his van.

Because it is difficult to see, he takes out a lighter which ignites the fumes causing a mini explosion, and burning flames begin flowing out of the nozzle.

The panicked man then drops the nozzle, which sprays burning fuel over the forecourt and other vehicles as he tries to flee for safety in the city of Taraz, in south-central Jambyl, Kazakhstan.

The final seconds of the video show a huge amount of white smoke that is believed to be coming out of a fire extinguisher set off to put the blaze out.

Experts believe that the man in the lorry was using diesel fuel, warning that if it had been petrol, the explosion would have been devastating.

That was fantastic. My favorite part is when the guy on the roof of his “lorry” spreads his demon fire seed to the surrounding cars, zero fucks given. Oh shit, my car’s on fire. Fuck these people around me whose cars aren’t on fire–we’re in this together. Take some of that!

Here’s the difference between Kazakhstan and America: when a gas station catches fire here, everybody runs for cover. In Kazakhstan, you calmly exit your vehicle and attempt to put out the flames with your bare hand. Your buddy comes back with ring dings and some scratch-offs, detaches the gas hose, and you drive off with NO sense of urgency whatsoever. Glad to see the fog machine still works though.