Caps Win An Absolute Roller Coaster Of A Game

Fucking unreal game. From the Crosby hit*, to the Pens friendly fire

to the Caps unbelievably blowing a 2-0 lead in 48 seconds to go to OT, this game had everything.

Thankfully MoJo got loose and Trevor Daley had to take him down, giving the Caps a PP where Shatty made up for his bad play all night by scoring the OT GWG. Just absolutely ridiculous.

2-1 series for the Pens now, hopefully the Caps can keep it rolling on Wednesday.

*In case you don’t understand Dave’s blog (aka if you weren’t one of the 12 people in the office at 6pm today) I fought with Dave about how I should watch the game at home and not go the basketball game, but he told me I should go to the basketball game. And so I did since I’m a company guy. So he blogged the Crosby hit, making fun of the fact I wasn’t home to watch it. Cold blooded.