The New Teaser For "House Of Cards" Has Dropped And Are People Still All-In On This Show?

Damn you, Netflix and you charmingly satanic Kevin Spacey. House of Cards was one of the first ever obligatory binge-worthy shows. A program that had the viewer’s balls in the palms of their hands since the jump. There’s no denying the writers/show have started to tighten their grasp on said nuts the past couple seasons with less stellar material than the beginning of the series. The real question is this show still considered take off work and stay pantsless for 13-hours straight to watch it straight through like in the past? I don’t think so. And that’s not a knock on the show. It’s still better than most of the shitty entertainment that’s spewed in front of our faces (FUCK that show LOVE and their hipster cover songs for movies that irrationally piss me off way more than anything ever should). I’m just saying it may not be officially “Binge-Worthy” anymore. But then again House Of Cards may have gotten to the point like The Walking Dead where people will still tune it no matter WHAT. For real. TWD is by far the worst show on TV that everyone still for some reason watches and it has been that way for years. I don’t think HOC is there, but I can definitely see it getting to that point.

Honestly though, for as much as I enjoy this series, they should have ended it after like season 3. A trilogy of years would’ve made this show legendary. The rise through the ranks, the climax of getting to the Presidency and now the downfall. Frank Underwood deserved a bullet in the end for a pure, swift conclusion a la Breaking Bad. A series that would’ve ended delightfully Now I can see the wheels fall off of the entire production if they drag this shit out. Old Jenny Gump was stealing too much of Spacey’s shine, too. And now that she’s officially broken the 4th wall she’s only gonna get more screen time. No me gusta.

Regardless, Frank Underwood FTW and then some. That man is the most entertaining sociopath this side of Spags.