Professor Sends Out Smuggest Email Ever Blasting Students For Not Showing Up To Course Evaluations, Realizes He Sent Out The Wrong Schedule

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Reader tweet that I just wanted to get up real quick because of how happy it made me.  Classic egg on the face scenario.  Worst feeling in the world.  When you bust out the super smug diss message and end up being 100% wrong.  I mean this email had everything – condescension, passive aggressiveness, superiority.  Threats.  “Be advised that I will be reading your exams with a far greater degree of scrutiny, sloppy work will not pass muster.”  Hardoooooo.

Obviously everyone makes mistakes.  However an email that includes  “those of you who failed to show up are an embarrassment to higher education in general” about fucking course evals is worthy of all the shame and public ridicule possible.

[h/t Jared]