Mother Of The Year Pulled A Gun Out Of Her Purse When Her Son's Haircut Took Too Long

Fox 5 - A mom pulled a gun on a barber because her son’s $6 haircut was taking too long.

The incident happened on April 14 at Allstate Barber College in Ohio.

After the mom pulled the gun out, she told the female barber, “I got two clips. I’ll pop you.”

After the haircut was complete, the mom left with her two kids. Now, police are asking for help to identify the woman.

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This is how you win the mother of the year award. When someone is taking too long to cut your son’s hair, you have 2 options: Either ask nicely what the hold up is, or take your gun out of your purse and threaten to blow that bitch’s head right off her body. And she did the wise thing and went with number 2. When you hold you gun to the barber, you KNOW your son is about to get the best shape-up of his life or else your brains are splattered all over the mirror. My only question is why didn’t my mom love me as much as this mom loves her son? I had the WORST haircuts growing up. My parents just let that shit grow for a year without chopping it off. Meanwhile this lady is bringing guns into the barber just to make sure her kid has the best haircut in a reasonable amount of time. If only every mother was as caring as this one.