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The Aftermath of Yesterday



Offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan
Special team coordinator, Keith Burns
Quarterback coach, Matt LaFleur
Linebackers coach, Bob Slowik
Wide receivers coach, Mike McDaniel
Advance scout, Larry Coyer
Offensive quality control coach, Richmond Flowers
Defensive assistant, Bobby Slowik

So that was as expected. Kyle had to go with daddy, Keith Burns churned out the historically WOAT special teams, Matt LaFleur didn’t improve RG3, Slowick couldn’t get his linebackers to make tackles, etc. That’s 8 coaches fired, plus Mike Shanahan makes 9. Dumpster fire city.


Not Fired:

Jim Haslett, Defensive Coordinator
Jacob Burney, Defensive Line Coach
Sean McVay, Tight Ends Coach
Raheem Morris, Secondary Coach




Jim Haslett not being fired is just about the biggest head scratcher ever. He is not a good defensive coordinator. He doesn’t make adjustments, can’t get his guys to make tackles, and is historically, just based on numbers alone, awful.

2010 Redskins – 21st points / 31st yards
2011 Redskins – 21st points / 13th yards
2012 Redskins – 22nd points / 28th yards
2013 Redskins – 30th points / 18th yards

Is that good? Well okay, maybe it’s just he hasn’t had the players to play with in DC, right? Let’s go back to his days in St. Louis.

2006 Rams – 28th points / 23rd yards
2007 Rams – 31st points / 21st yards
2008 Rams – 31st points / 28nd yards

This is the guy who is still coaching the Redskins defense. It’s unreal. Like, I feel maybe I’m being greedy by wanting him fired after myself and every other Redskins fan fished their wish and saw the Shannys and Burns fired, but why keep Haslett? What does he bring to this team? Why not completely start over? It’s like they took out the garbage, but left the bag of dog shit at the bottom. It’s still going to stink until that bag gets tossed.

From what I’ve heard, the only guy not fired that was really worth not firing was the tight ends coach Sean McVay. Apparently he is a brilliant offensive mind and could, and should, be seeing a promotion.


Keeping Morris doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers others. I’m not sold on him being promoted to coach the defense, but I think he’s fine where he is. He was given a bad secondary to work with and finished 20th in the league against the pass with a bad defensive coordinator. I’d like to see what else he can do in DC, just not as a head coach or defensive coordinator quite yet, especially after what he did to Tampa.

And one last point. The reason this team is destined to fail. Dan Snyder refuses to hire a real GM. Bruce Allen now has more control now that Shanny is gone. It’s Vinny Cerrato, part 2. Allen is now the official GM, player personnel guy, everything. Him, Scott Campbell, and Morocco Brown are still sitting pretty in their front office jobs, with Snyder pulling their puppet strings. Three last place finishes in the NFC East in the last four years. Four winning records since 1999. And no changes will be made up top. Fascinating stuff.

So the interview process begins for the next guy to take this job. Snyder of course will want the biggest name for the biggest contract. Redskins fans don’t want that. We’ve done that. Gibbs part 2, the ol’ ball coach, and Shanny. None worked. That’s why most Skins fans don’t want Cowher. He’s a TV guy now. He has the money. He has the rings. He won’t have the drive or fire to be the great coach he once was. Same for Gruden. Somehow just need to trust this team will hire the best and right coach for this job, not whoever can grab them the most headlines. But not a Zorn either. Maybe the 9th time (in 15 years of owning the team) is the charm!