Dude Proposed At Fenway On The Jumbotron... It Didn't Go Well

Few things I’m gonna run through here real quick…

1. Never gonna feel bad for a guy who proposed at a game. It’s been said a million times, jumbotron proposals are the white trashiest, lamest, stupidest thing in history. If you think it’s a good idea then you don’t deserve happiness.

2. Men are so lucky we’re the ones who “have” to propose, traditionally. Because I’ll tell you what, if the roles were reversed and I was getting proposed to in public by someone I didn’t love then guess what? I’m saying yes. I’m saying yes 100 times out of 100. Guys do a lot of shit they don’t want to just to avoid a fight or an awkward situation and for me that extends to marriage. I’ll be miserable for the next 40 years just so Fenway Park doesn’t groan at me and it wouldn’t even be a hard decision.

3. What are these people even fighting about? When you deny a proposal on a jumbotron that relationship is over. There’s no coming back from it, it’s like sleeping with someone’s best friend. Don’t waste your time having a fight, say no, walk away, and never speak to each other ever again.

4. I’d love to be inside that cameraman’s head. What was his play there? He sitting around thinking “well, maybe they’ll suss this out then be ready to go next inning? Get out of there, man! Dude’s looking more awkward than a guy who just farted during a funeral and wants to be anywhere else in the world. Use those feet and get to stepping.