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Anthony Rendon May Have Just Eliminated The Mets From Existence

I think the Mets just have to cease to exist. Pack it up and try again next year. They have their ace pitcher refusing to get an MRI and then voila, leaving today’s game. They have Yo unable to walk before a game, still starting, and then leaving the game. And then today. 18 run loss. LOL. Let’s check to see who packed the box score:

Bryce – 2/4, 4 runs scored, 9th HR of the season, pretty decent month

Zim – 3/5, 4 runs scored, now has 29 RBI and batting .420

Murph – 2/4, 3 runs scored, only hitting .343 though :/

Wieters – 3/4, 4 RBI, 2 HR, what an unreal FA signing he’s turned out to be

And then Rendon – 6/6, 10 RBI, 5 runs scored, all around good guy

Losing Adam Eaton for the season really sucks, but this lineup is unbelievable. Shit, Michael A Taylor went 2/6 today, that’ll do.

Bright side for Mets fans- you guys still won the series. Can’t take that away from you. World Series, back on.