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Ravens Draft Three More Defensive Players In The 2nd and 3rd Round

Last night Ozzie Newsome doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on last night’s picks by taking 3 more defensive players. This time he selects a pair of pass-rushers and some more beef up front. I’m not sure if the strategy was necessarily to come out and draft 4 straight guys on the defensive side of the ball, but that’s how it’s turned out and I don’t hate it. I’m fucking amped for the future of this defense. The secondary is set for years to come, and one of these young pass-rushers has to pan out. They just have to.

Having said all that, I’m frustrated for my guy Joe Flacco. Can we get the guy some damn help for ONCE in his career? He’s entering his 10th season and I feel like we’ve never really made a whole-hearted effort to get him a top-notch receiver. We’ve plugged some holes in the boat by signing veterans over the years, but Joe needs a guy he can develop with. And yes I know Breshad Perriman is supposed to be that guy and I tried to buy in to that idea as much as I could, but we all know that’s a farce. That guy stinks.

On top of that, there’s still two OL positions that need to be filled. We’re not talking about depth, we’re talking about starting caliber offensive lineman because James Hurst and John Urschel are not that. I’m hoping we’ve got some sort of contingent offer to Nick Mangold that if we don’t get a guy we like at center in the draft, we’ll sign him up. I dunno. But it seems a lot like the Ravens strategy moving forward is to dominate and defense and try to scratch a few points together on O. Maybe that can work, maybe it won’t, I just have higher expectations for what the offense can be with Flacco under center.

Anyway, I like the pass-rusher picks, no doubt. Not necessarily wild about Wormley, but we had a position to fill with Lawrence Guy leaving, and he seems to check off that box. I’ll have more on these guys individually after the draft is complete. In Ozzie We Trust.