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Yankees Come Back From 9-1 To Beat The Fraud Orioles

I’m gonna shoot you guys straight here. I just woke up still drunk from partying last night and part of what fueled my night was this comeback win. The hater, of which there are many, will tell you that this team isn’t that good. They’ll tell you that our pitching is terrible. They’ll point out that Greg Bird looks blindfolded at the plate. As Yankee fans we just need to let those losers keep talking. There is something special about this team and every Yankee fan knows it.

Earlier this week we went into that dump of a ballpark in Boston and swept a 2 game series and then we follow it up by coming home and on a beautiful Friday night, expose the fraud Orioles. We’re in a tie for first place now and have the rest of the weekend to bury the division.

PS: I know I should write something more informative than this, but I went drinking on City Island last night. Hennessy Pina Coladas make it impossible to form real thoughts so just watch the highlights.

PPS: This was the 2nd night in a row another blogger talked shit too early and I had to hit them with a Portnoy. I hope these idiots smarten up soon.