Blackhawks Trade Scott Darling's Negotiating Rights To Carolina For a 3rd Round Pick

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Hell of a ride for Scotty Darling. I feel like everyone knows his story at this point. To go from the Southern Pro League to winning a Stanley Cup for your home town team is a Hollywood script, but his story doesn’t end here for Darling. Now he gets what he deserves, which is to be a starting goalie in the National Hockey League. Obviously Darling has been a friend of the program here at Barstool Chicago. Just a great guy, hard worker, and a locker room guy. Chicago will miss him on and off the ice.

Credit to Ron Francis for identifying his guy and making a bold move to go and get him. Rather than let Darling talk to Dallas or Colorado or one of these other teams in constant need of a goalie, Francis gave up an asset for the rights to sign him long term. I would expect Darling to get a 4 year deal and for Cam Ward or Eddie Lack to be bought out. Arrow is officially pointing up in Carolina. They finished the year really strong and now have a legitimate #1 goalie. Wouldn’t shock anyone if they made a playoff push.

From a Hawks perspective, not a move Stan would like to make, but there was no way the Hawks would be able to re-sign Darling and trading Crawford isn’t really a viable option either. Great job to get an asset back for a guy who had one foot out the door already. Busy week for Stan to start what should be a very eventful off season.