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Mets Therapy Session 1 - Noah, Yo, And The Evil Ray Ramirez

Listen, you guys know Im not the most optimistic guy in the world. I see the glass half empty more times than I see it half full. Sometimes I want to throw that glass through the fucking window. So yesterday was obviously a trying day for your boy as a Mets fan. Noah gets scratched, Yo pulls up lame, Harvey gets knocked around the park, our pets heads fall off. The whole 9.

So this inspired me to record a Mets therapy session where myself and Clem AKA Diclembe Mutombo could gripe about the Mets. Believe it or not, I’m not ready to cuncel the saeson just yet. The Mets always go through these rough patches. Yeah they are usually in June or July and lead to Kelly Johnson getting traded to the Mets. But we have been here before.

However if we get really bad news about Thor’s arm or Yo’s hammy, it is straight CUNCEL.