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First The NFL Draft, Now The City Of Philadelphia Will Host The Air Sex World Championship... Again


In case you somehow managed to forget, the Air Sex World Championships rolled through the City of Brotherly Love this past October. I, myself, was in attendance as an esteemed guest judge for the competition.

It was… well… I mean… it was an interesting experience. There was some action. There was some comedy. Some highs and some lows. And by the end of it, I think we all learned a little something new about ourselves. There was a full video from the event but it’s been about 80% edited since October and never got finished. We call that the Barstool Difference. Such is life.

But now it appears that Philadelphia will host the Air Sex World Championships yet again as the event was such a hit before.

Who: Some of the best air sex havers the world has to offer.

What: Air Sex Championships. It’s like air guitar but for fucking.

When: May 7, 2017. 8 pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME. (not like any other time zone even matters anyway)

Where: Kung Fu Necktie | 1250 N Front Street | Philadelphia, PA

Why: Because Stone Cold said so.

How: Like this.


TWO DICKS!!! At the same damn time!


You can tell this dude has lots of sex in real life. Can hardly even tell he’s just raping air out there.


Almost looks like if Big Cat and PFT had a dad together.

Philadelphia is having a moment right now, folks. First the NFL Draft, and then immediately following it up with one of the premier events of the spring. A real can’t-miss. So come one, cum all to the Air Sex World Championship in Philly next month. And congrats in advance on all the sex to those who perform.