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Montana Congressional Candidate Rob Quist Plays Nudist Festivals With His Daughter


Free BeaconMontana Democrat Rob Quist, a locally famous musician, is a frequent performer at the Sun Meadow Resort, Idaho’s premier nudist resort for guests seeking a “family nudist experience.”

Quist, running to represent Montana in Congress, is featured front and center on the nudist resort’s website playing the guitar with his singer daughter. Both are clothed, though others on the website’s homepage are not…

According to pictures posted on the resort’s website, concert attendees sit naked in metal folding chairs during performances. It is unclear whether Quist ever performs in the nude.

Also pictured are guests partaking in nude volleyball, nude kite-flying, and nude archery. Guests can go cross-country skiing in the nude during the winter months.

I couldn’t even imagine not voting for this guy. What could your reasoning be? His politics? HA! Whatever political opposition you have to this guy gets absolutely TROUNCED by the admiration you have to have for him shredding sets with his daughter in front of a bunch of naked people. Wearing cowboy hats. Shooting guns.

I mean look at this fucking guy.



What. A. Legend. Oh, and he’s 69.