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The Gang Spills Adam Schefter's Coffee

Good morning is right.

You think of some of the greatest champions who have ever come out of this city. You have Smarty Jones. You have almost the Taney Dragons at the Little League World Series. You have Rocky Balboa. And you have this Starbucks barista who Ashton Kutcher Punk’d Schefty on Draft Day. First time in 10 years. For 3,650 days straight, Adam Schefter has conquered his coffee drinking experience. For 3,650 days straight, Adam Schefter has been able to get his venti caramel mocha frappuccino from Starbucks without a care in the world. But today that streak came to an end and we have the City of Brotherly Love to thank for that. I’m not saying we should have a parade for this Starbucks barista. But he or she certainly deserves one.

Draft Day in Philly, baby. Nothing like it. Can’t wait for all the shots of the Rocky statue and the cheesesteaks and the Liberty Bell.