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Jason Day Seems To Confirm That Rickie Fowler Does In Fact Have A Girlfriend

And there it is. Sorry ladies. Rickie Fowler is officially off the market. Jason Day was just confirming what we all already knew I suppose. Over the weekend both Rickie and his new gal pal Allison Stokke posted Instagrams of each other and sent the gossip flying. Now it’s all but confirmed by Rickie himself, although him putting his hat over his face is all the confirmation I needed. That’s him saying, “God damn it, Jason. Why you gotta blow up my spot like that?” Just look at this face

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.42.46 PM

I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed. I wrote multiple blogs last week about how Rickie Fowler was the smartest out of his crew for staying single as a young famous golfer. I complimented him and complimented him for remaining untethered during the prime of his life. What was all that business about him taking pictures on #SB2K17 shrugging like, “I’m still single”? It all feels like a lie now. Don’t get me wrong I hope him and Allison are happy but goddamn the entire spring break crew is locked up and it makes me a little sad.