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Middlebury Got Rid Of Some 'Cultural Appropriation' Food Items And A Student Gave A Quality Email Burn Back


And a girl who recently transferred from Middlebury replied to the list:


Chaz Rainey ’19 out there making a big time difference in the lives of every single person psychologically ravaged by the callous way a cafeteria called food “African” or “Asian” based on its flavors or preparation. But even ignoring the obvious “how is it ‘cultural appropriation’ to make a food recipe named for the reason it’s from” question, the issue I feel like they SHOULD have is how ambiguous it is. There’s a big difference between a Chinese wing, a Korean wing, a Thai wing, a Japanese wing. That should be the issue, calling that Asian is being like “Ha all you motherfuckers the same” when that’s not the case. Ditto African food since you’ve got South African, Egyptian, Moroccan. Lack of specificity seems like the crime here rather than some white chef making a generic Asian spiced dish.

But the transferred girl’s reply also makes a lot of valid points. Why would it only be those foods that have such a “damaging impact on the community”? Especially some Asian sesame dressing, that’s genuinely the same fucking thing as the other thing they got rid of. If my school or ex-school was wasting money and staff resources evaluating shit like that — or even taking away from things a Chief Diversity Officer could do that might actually have value — then I’d be livid and writing snarky emails too. Big time failure by Middlebury, big time loss for anyone who likes soups capturing the culinary excellence of peanuts in Africa. George Washington Carver is spinning in his grave.

(h/t Annie)