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This Dad Shouldn't Get Heat For Holding An Infant With One Arm And Going After Foul Ball With The Other

If anything he needs to get hell for bringing an infant to the ballpark in the first place. Most parents who bring newborns to baseball games are self-serving pricks solely looking for attention. There is literally zero reason to bring an infant to the ballpark other than have people gawk at how adorable their ugly baby is at the game. Almost as bad as grown men who bring gloves to the ballpark. Almost.

But this wan’t even that bad. It was a loose ball, not a hot shot coming at his little shit’s face. I can see how some self righteous people would give this Dad heat. He’s cradling that baby like a loaf of bread or Tiki Barber (before Tom Coughlin ripped him a second asshole) while reaching for a useless, inanimate object. It would be one thing if that were Barry Bonds 756th career dinger. Then it’s borderline legal to chuck the baby in favor of the easy payday that should cover all college tuition and/or future hospital/therapy bills. But then again, it’s almost an involuntary action to go after a free baseball in the stands. Sure, maybe it should be more of a evolutionary reaction to cover up and protect your spawn from possible danger, but still. Can’t fight instinct. Especially when a screamer is coming while your parasite is attached to your stomach like this Phillies fan from awhile back. What a snag.