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Trea Turner Raised His Average 70 Points While Hitting For The Cycle Last Night

Hitting for the cycle is cool. Raising your average 70 points while hitting for the cycle is amazing. And that’s exactly what Trea Turner did last night. After a slow start and then an injury that made him miss 10 games, Trea came back in a big…a yuuuuuuuuuge way last night, going 4/6 while hitting for the cycle, leading the Nats to a 15-12 win. There was some “can Trea Turner be an MVP candidate?” chatter before the season, and while it’s kind of a reach, when he puts in nights like last night, it makes you wonder just how good he can be.

Pretty much everyone packed the box score last night. Bryce had another 2/4 day to keep his average at a cool .400, Murph went 3/5 with 5 RBI, and Adam Eaton scored all 3 times he reached base. This team is an offensive juggernaut, and now through 20 games sit at a very pretty 14-6, perched high in first place in the NL East.

Should we talk about the Nats bullpen almost blowing a 15-5 lead? Nahhhhh. Let’s just focus on the good, and not the Nats bullpen which has…let’s see…they’ve left room for improvement so far this season. Is it time to let Joe Blanton walk into the sunset? Many people would say yes. The Nats best reliever right now is, you guessed it, Matt Fucking Albers, who has thrown 5 scoreless innings, just like we all predicted he would.