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This Tram Driver Was WAY Too Calm After She T-Boned A Car

I don’t know if I should be terrified of this chick or impressed. I mean you would think that any human being on Earth would show the slightest bit of remorse or shock after absolutely plowing a car. I’m pretty sure we can discount this driver being a cyborg since the year is 2017 and I don’t think they are anywhere close to creating robots in Belarus. Or maybe this all starts at the top. The head of the tram company is the Belichick of bosses. Tells everyone from top to bottom to Do Your Job™. This lady’s job was to drive that tram to the best of her ability. It’s up to the EMTs to help the poor driver that just got blindsided like Joe Theisman. That driver has a responsibility to the riders and the tram. No more, no less. It’s not like the tram driver showboated to the car after t-boning it, even though she could have easily dropped a Costanza all over the car driver’s face.

Then again, after going down a tram accident autoplay YouTube wormhole, it seems like getting hit by a tram in Eastern Europe is about as common as being called by a telemarketer in the U.S. Simply a minor inconvenience to everyone’s day.