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A Lady Trying To Cheat Traffic Then Having To Incompetently Reverse All The Way Back Is A Satisfying Video

I know I know what you’re thinking: A woman doing inconsiderate things and being bad at basic driving? That seems impossible. But we have a video proving it! WILD. And for as frustrating as it was to watch this Atlanta woman be awful at the simple concept of driving a car in reverse, it was much more cathartic to watch her have to do it. I’m sympathetic to not wanting to wait in the line of cars, we’ve all been in that spot where you’ve got to switch over a lane to get off an exit but see the line of cars and wait until the last possible minute to try and get ahead of them. But you can’t be the ONLY car doing it, especially on a road like that. For better or worse, you’re in your traffic congested city together, you either are all fucking the system up or you get in line with the rest of them like abandoned cars in The Walking Dead and hope and pray you can start moving in a timely fashion. If you can’t be a part of that loathsome human experience then you get publicly embarrassed like this, forced to drive in reverse while other drivers yell “SHAME! SHAME!” angrily into their car horns.

That said, the one way this video could have gotten better is if she reversed right into a tree on the way back. You have to want to see complete and total suffering after such a dick move. In fact, that car who let her in was arguably the nicest, most sympathetic human being ever. Maybe you develop a certain amount of pity after watching someone poorly drive backwards for that long but I would say that car letting her in was about as much of a shot across the bow of everyone else waiting in traffic as her trying to cut everyone in the first place. Gotta make her pay and bathe in poor city planning along with everyone else.