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Barstool Drive Time Ft. Francis, Nate, And Tex Was...Let's Just Say It Got Very Real

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Barstool Sports, ladies and gentleman. One minute you can be making fun of one another in a seemingly jovial manner, the next minute one employee (just freshly upgraded from an internship) will Facetime his also relatively new co-worker on a Sunday for 30 minutes to attempt to see if his soul is worthy enough for the company. You thought you’d come to Drive Time for your typical, shoot-the-shit morning show that’ll help get you through the day? Psh. You can have a real-life therapy session while bloggers have existential crises live on-air and deal with it. Oh, and fights over manhood/basketball. That’s the Barstool difference.

Hope those Vacation Boys are enjoying their 40th holiday in 4 weeks while Francis and Tex talk about going downstairs to beat the piss out of each other during lunch. Not nice! The golf guys will be back on Thursday for another show, assuming nobody takes out the entire office first. Which at this point is a big assumption.

I’m not sure if the Intern is legally obligated to use Trent’s literal mugshot pic for all these GIFS, but he should be.