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This Tom Brady Paper Collage Hanging In My Office May Be The Best Paper Collage Ever


So this dude drove 10 hours from Pittsburgh to Augusta Georgia to meet me at the Masters and give me this paper collage. I literally talked to him for 10 minutes and he turned around and drove home. In those 10 minutes he did manage to tell me he was related to Pete Maravich and played professional basketball. Turns out he was a practice player for the Washington Generals. Kind of a loose interpretation of pro hoops but I digress. Anyway he actually wanted a job here. His concept was to make prints out of these paper collages and sell them as posters. It’s a great idea but blatantly illegal, but still a great idea. Regardless how cool is this shit? Hopefully the free publicity was worth his trip. Either way this may be the coolest piece of art in the history of art.