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The Most Viral Thing On The Web Is A Girl Using Her Boyfriend's Balls As A "Beauty Blender" And I Think I Might Need A Break From The Internet

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Click for Ball Beauty Blender

BuzzfeedJohnna Hines is an 18-year-old from central Florida. Her boyfriend is 20-year-old Damon Richards. This weekend, Hines and Richards were hanging out and messing about together. After showering, Hines was doing her makeup and Richards decided to make her laugh with, well, his balls. “He’s always messing with me so he started putting his balls on my head,” Hines told BuzzFeed News. “I made a joke about using them as a beauty blender and we literally just looked at each other and started laughing and made the video from there.”

Hines initially uploaded the video to her finsta account. When it got a good response, she shared it to Twitter. Since being posted yesterday, the tweet has been retweeted over 20,000 times.

“I’ve gotten a lot of negative reactions but it doesn’t bother me much because the amount of positive things people are saying to me make it worth it,” she said.

“I’m getting DM after DM from girls telling me I’m inspiring for being so carefree and confident and so many people love how comfortable my boyfriend and I are together, it feels really good TBH.”

The internet giveth, the internet taketh away. One day you’re watching the viral video of the day, some hilarious fall down the stairs or super cute animal or big time fight, laughing it up and sharing it with all your friends on Facebook…the next day you’re watching a girl rub her boyfriend’s saggy nutsack all over her face.  Just a big old set of balls all up in her grill piece.  Not sure how this is even allowed on Twitter?  How it’s been up long enough to get 40 freaking thousand retweets?   The most viral shit on the internet, just bare ass testicles getting dragged all over her cheeks and forehead, absolutely wild.

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Oh ladies yes it does work apparently if you were wondering.  Maybe save some money at Sephora and just get your man to teabag you.

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