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Dog Doesn't Recognize Owner Who Was In The Hospital For 5 Weeks And Lost 50 Pounds.......Until He Sniffs Him

I’m not crying early on a Tuesday morning. You’re crying early on a Tuesday morning. Aw fuck. We’re all crying. That was incredible. I guess I shouldn’t be impressed by that given how many stories we’ve seen about dogs who walk across the country back to their original home just off of scent. But I still was thoroughly impressed by that. Dog was like, “Who the fuck is this dude in my backyard? Guy better scram before my owner shows up after a 5-month hiatus and kills him dead” only to sniff him and realize IT IS HIS OWNER. Tail wag city. That dog looked like he was gonna tail wag right off this planet. Watch closely and you can pinpoint the moment the dog realizes “IT’S HIM!” What a moment. Also, I can’t tell you how many backyard hangouts like that I went to as a kid. It’s a very specific type. Just old people hanging out with other old people talking about being old. Weird crowd but that video felt like home.