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Jabrill Peppers' Agent Says He Failed His Drug Test Before The Draft Because He Was "Pounding 8-10 Bottles Of Water Before Bed Due To A History Of Cramping"

Michigan v Ohio State

PFTNFL teams now have more questions about Jabrill Peppers than what position he’ll play.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Michigan hybrid safety tested positive for a dilute sample at the Scouting Combine.

And just like Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, Peppers got out in front of the news by claiming he was overly hydrated in a statement sent out by his agency CAA.

“Peppers went to the combine, the statement read. “He was sick after flying there from San Diego. He has a history of cramping. Peppers was being pumped with fluids, drinking 8-10 bottles of water before he went to bed, because he was the first guy to work out two days for the LBs and DBs. He had to go through that first day, come back on second day, and that was the fear. So Peppers was pounding water and under the weather. He never failed a drug test in his life, nor tested positive before for any substance.”

Thoughts on Peppers’ agent’s statement:

Seriously, when it comes to defending a failed drug test, that’s as solid an excuse as it gets.  Love how he kind of combined a bunch too rather than just sticking with one.  He was sick so he was hydrating but also he has a well known history of cramping so he was drinking a ton of water for that too, on top of the sickness, oh and also he’s been going first in every drill every day, no big deal not to brag but he works hard, and he’s never tested positive for anything ever because he’s a great kid who has never been in trouble.  So yeah, lot’s of water basically is what we’re saying.  Pounding waters. 

Only person whose stock is going to affected by this urine dilution revelation?  Jabril Peppers’ agent, and it’s going to SKYROCKET upwards.  Two things  I know – 1) Jabrill Peppers is a freak athlete and unbelievable football player. 2) His agent just dropped an all-time excuse for him in his defense, a defense that was so staunch and over the top that I don’t think we have any choice but to believe him.

Jabrill Peppers – not guilty.  Not high.