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There Were More Seagulls Than Fans At The A's Game On Sunday

Very sad! Seagull City — Population: This lady. Last year, the Oakland A’s were second to last in the MLB in average attendance, and through their first 13 home games this year, they’re dead last. That’s somewhat understandable, because the A’s were also dead last in their division in 2016, finishing 26 games out of first place after a 93-loss season. Not that it really matters, though. They’re always in the bottom third of the league in attendance, even when they’re winning.

The A’s are always that team that you can never quite predict. When you think they’re gonna be good, they suck and when you think they’re gonna suck, they win 100 games. I don’t know what’s in the water over there in Oakland besides pollution, but players who fail to catch on with their previous teams always seem to reach their full potential with the A’s…before promptly being traded for prospects.

I will say one thing about the fans in Oakland, though — there aren’t many of them, but the ones that do show up to the games are pretty great. Perfect example being when Josh Reddick returned to Oakland for the first time since signing with the Astros earlier this year. A’s fans get it. They know that their team is not going to shell out money to retain free agents. That’s just the Oakland A way.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to hate players who leave Oakland to go out and get paid elsewhere. Reddick was the perfect example of the type of player that I was talking about earlier, the guy who couldn’t catch on with the team that originally drafted him and gave him his first shot in the majors. He gets traded to Oakland, and becomes a huge fan favorite in an A’s uniform, which is why he got his old walk-up song played before his first at-bat, while A’s fans were dressed in all WWE gear because he’s a huge WWE fan and playing saxophones.

A’s fans. They’re kinda like my sexual partners. Not a whole lot of them, but they’re all great.