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Derek Fisher Weighed In On The Carmelo Anthony + La La + Alleged Stripper Baby Mama Drama In The Weirdest Way Possible

What the fuck was that shit? In case cucking an ex-teammate and allegedly fooling around with his players’ chicks wasn’t enough, this video creeped me the fuck out. Like I get that Derek Fisher probably hates the Knicks more than any person outside of actual Knicks fans do and he looooooves seeing another couple of Goodyears tossed on top of this crackling tire fire of a franchise. But don’t say you didn’t know about Melo and La La’s separation or the alleged stripper Melo knocked up. If my mom knows about this #Me7odrama, so does Derek fucking Fisher. Maybe Phil Jackson could pull that shit since he’s old as fuck, thinks the triangle is still a viable NBA offense in 2017 and rides the bus. But not you, Derek. And no offense Fish, but I don’t think Melo needs your advice. Because if you were so innocent or righteous, Matt Barnes wouldn’t have (allegedly) beat that ass in L.A. a few years ago. Plus that creepy “I know something but maybe I don’t” grin is right out of the Littlefinger playbook.

You are a fool if you trust anyone that flashes that smirk. And how about Gloria Govan almost spitting out her coffee even though she wasn’t drinking any as this TMZ guy was rattling off questions? It must be nice to no longer be the most scandalous couple involved in the league. Based on this video, I’m guessing the Anthonys and the Fisher-Govans haven’t exchanged Christmas cards the last few years. I am no fan of the patriarch of the Anthony family playing for my team, but I flat out despise the Fisher-Govans as they likely live off of Derek’s severance from the Knicks.

Just another reminder of how great Phil Jackson’s first coaching hire was.