Love The Utah Jazz Mascot Delivering Swift Justice To This Grown Man Who Pushed Over A Kid

I don’t care if this is set up or not, you don’t mess with professional mascots. You just don’t. Do you know how in shape these out of work actors need to be to run around wearing 50+lbs gear at a body temperature of 120 degrees? I get out of breath battling a flight of stairs and these guys are going full boar for hours at a time. A lot of them are more athletic than the people on the field. The Phanatic’s “friend” Tom Burgoyne has to be pushing 50 and is straight SHREDDED. Plus the amount of aggression built up from having to be civilized to brat kids and drunk dicks has to make these guys a ticking time bomb at all times. Seriously, don’t put yourself in a position to mess with these freaks unless you want a one-way ticket to Jacked Up City. ESPECIALLY this bear(?) from Utah. This thing seeks to destroy.

Also, quit with the stumbling concussion act, buddy. You’re in a bubble ball. Injuries don’t exist in there just like they don’t in bouncy houses or ball pits. Unless of course you’re a lady getting boomed to the moon by Cam Newton. That poor thing’s brain now probably works as well as the most intelligent hamster or average human from Bandera, Texas.

A+ celebration for a man worth over $100 million who just committed manslaughter in a rec game.