Incessantly Romantic Kenny G Plays His Saxophone On A Flight

God damn, dude. I don’t know how you can listen to a saxophone and not wanna fuck. That instrument gets people going like no other. You hear one little scale and you’re randy and ready. I mean, just press play while you read the rest of this blog. Guaranteed that you’ll be wanting to give me a jump by the end.

Now, Kenny G is one hell of a musician. That goes without saying but I must say it. Usually, I’d be all about a free concert when I fly the friendly skies. I’d take a free concert from a legion of artists but I don’t think Kenny G is one of those. Here’s why. I fly in sweatpants. You know how easy it is to detect a chubby when someone is wearing sweatpants? Buddy, it’s easy. So Kenny G comes on a flight and gets you all chubbed up and then you gotta sit there for an hour in the aisle seat. What if window needs to move? She’s been drinking the shit out of the free cranberry juice and looks up to her eyeballs in urine. You’re gonna unbuckle that seatbelt and your dick is gonna be staring 17a right in the face while you’re in the aisle. He’ll look at your groin like

which will cause the rest of the cabin to gawk at your cock. Very unfair.

You’ll be embarrassed. You’ll try to tuck your penis down in your pants but that’ll make it worse. The situation grows into something uncontrollable all because Kenny G busted out that beautiful saxophone of his. Damn that beautiful, talented man. Damn him.

Side note: pretty sure Kenny G is a demon goblin.