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Julia Louis Dreyfus Flashes Her Thong On Instagram


Ignore the nasty floor burn. And maybe the fact that she’s paler than me. And her knuckles. And just remember that this is FIFTY SIX YEAR OLD WOMAN flashing that thong on Insta like she’s a college chick doing a takeover on the Barstool Sports account. A little hanky panky action with that whole region lookin on point. This is a chick who knows she’s aging like a fine wine and wants to flaunt it. Hey remember Elaine? Yea well I’m hotter now than I was 20 years ago, I’m on the funniest show on TV, my family is worth billions, oh and here’s my thong. That’s right, I’m perfect. Again minus those three things at the top.

One look at that post and, in the words of Kramer, IM OUT!