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Clarke MacArthur. Total Beauty

We’ve already talked about Clarke MacArthur making his return to the ice for the first time in 2 seasons. Guy has battled through injury after injury. Would have been extra easy to just hang up the skates for good. Would have been easy to call it a career and eventually cash in on a concussion lawsuit against the NHL. But Clarke MacArthur was born to be a hockey player. So he just kept grinding away, let his brain get good again and last night was the payoff. Overtime game winner to clinch the series for the Sens. What a moment for one of the biggest beauties in the game. That South Jersey bastard Bobby Ryan almost ruined everything by targeting his dome with the celebration…


But luckily Clarkey knows to keep his head on a swivel at all times these days. Either way, nobody deserved this one more than Clarke MacArthur. I’m sure if you ask him about the goal, he’ll just tell you that it was all about the other guys on the ice and he was just fortunate enough to be there to slam it home. I’m sure if you ask him about the goal, he’ll just tell you that it’s a big goal but the bigger goal here is to win a Stanley Cup as a unit. He’s Hockey Guy through and through. But this was more than just an overtime goal to advance to the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And if you can’t realize that then you’re a friggin’ bozo. Sorry that I had to go there but it’s the truth.

P.S. – Senators are really tugging at the heartstrings here between MacArthur scoring the OT game winner and Craig Anderson having this moment with his wife Nicholle after the game.

Nicholle has battling cancer pretty much all season long. Craig Anderson has had to leave the team a couple of times this season to be there to help her through her battle and here she is returning the favor. Be right back. Gotta throw these onions I was just cutting into the frying pan.