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The Rockets Bench Laughing At Andre Roberson For Repeatedly Missing Free Throws Was Coooooold Bloodeddddddd

First of all, how does someone fire away a tweet like that from Australia? You can’t be throwing soft shit like that out from the home of the craziest people on Earth. All of the predators on that island of mayhem now know that there is a weak link prime for consumption.

As for the laughing, I have absolutely no problem with it at all. If you are comically bad at something, you are going to get laughed at. Would you rather have people laugh in your face or behind your back? In your face of course. And don’t give me the professional athlete bullshit with this. These are grown men getting paid to beat each other on the court. Friend of the Stool Sam Dekker clearly knows a thing or two about what’s funny and he is laughing his dick off at Roberson. You know why? Because take a quick look at Roberson’s free throw numbers this series.


They are so bad it’s funny. And in the long run, there are one of two things that will happen. Either he will go Nick Anderson and just completely have a mental block every time he goes to the line. Or he will battle through it and become a decent free throw shooter because he makes millions of dollars to play basketball. Hard to do that if your coach can’t play you in big games because your free throw game is uglier than a Spags-Loud Sean matchup.

In fact, some of the biggest comebacks in history are thanks to getting laughed at. George McFly’s life turned around when he cocked that fist as Biff was laughing in his face. He drops Biff, takes Lorraine’s hand, and the rest is New York Times best seller history. Those hyenas were giggling like school girls when they chased Simba away from the pridelands. But they weren’t laughing when Simba came back wearing the 4-5 and a flowing mane to reclaim the throne. Even Weird Haircut Seth rebounded from one of the biggest tear downs in Barstool history to go from roving campaign director to a doctor. Hopefully Andre Roberson trades in his trash free throw shooting for a granny shot pimp grip and allows himself to become great. If not, he deserves every laugh that comes his way.