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Trump Said "Congratulations" To A Purple Heart Recipient Over The Weekend


Business InsiderPresident Donald Trump raised more than a few eyebrows during his first visit as president to Walter Reed National Medical Center on Saturday when he awarded the Purple Heart to Army Sergeant First Class Alvaro Barrientos.

“When I heard about this, I wanted to do it myself,” Trump told Barrientos as he placed the Purple Heart on the soldier’s lapel. “Congratulations … tremendous.”

Eeeeeek. As someone who knows someone who’s got a Purple Heart, I can tell you that “congratulations” is not the proper reaction here. Definitely not. You may congratulate folks for many things but getting wounded in battle is not one of them. You can say “the entire country thanks you for your service and sacrifice” or “you’re a better man than I” or really any number of things admiring the bravery and courage of this hero.

But not “congratulations.. tremendous.” That’s just ridiculous.

I’ve never congratulated a Purple Heart recipient for being a Purple Heart recipient but every time I fly and airline employees say “have a nice flight” I always say “you too” even though they’re not flying anywhere. Same thing right?