What Do People Think About IU Storming The Court After Beating Wisconsin Last NIght?








Actually a really funny sign.




Now obviously as people know I went to Wisconsin, so I’m sure everyone will say I’m just being a sore loser but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Indiana beat Wisconsin fair and square last night, great game,  just proves that the Big Ten is the best conference in the country and that it’s extremely difficult to win conference games on the road. I have a ton of friends that went to IU, love Bloomington and Indiana. Love the fact that they all get hammered before football games and then just don’t go because they can never put a real team on the field.  If I had to rank Big Ten campuses it would be Madison/Bloomington/Iowa City all at the top.  And yes they hadn’t beaten the Badgers in like a billion years, Bo Ryan owns Tom Crean, so I get why this was a big deal. But I just can’t get over the court storming.


Now, a lot of people will say it’s just kids looking to make memories and be drunk, and I understand that, but still, you’re Indiana Basketball for christ sakes. That means something, at least it does to me. Even if Wisconsin beat Indiana for the rest of time Indiana Basketball would still be a bigger program. That’s the point. They’re not comparable. As much as I hate when IU people act like they’re basketball program is better than everyone else’s I also know that they’re not entirely wrong. There’s history there. National titles, Bobby Knight, the state of basketball, real history. So yeah, I do think it is a little sad when IU storms the court in a mid January Big Ten home game. You guys won the conference last year, number 1 team in the country. Act like you’ve been there before. And I have a feeling any true Indiana basketball fan would agree with me.



Vote time. 1 for IU storming the court last night is not that bad and 10 for IU should hold themselves to a higher standard because they’re an elite program


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Biggest disappointment wasn’t Wisconsin losing, it was that we didn’t get a patented Tom Crean/Son Lip Kiss.