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BIG Time Response From The Celtics This Weekend

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 7.04.42 PM

Unreal. Home teams just refuse to win in this series. The Celtics entered CHI on the ropes, they looked beaten and broken. Then they caught a break and ran with it. Taking both these games and heading back to TD Garden 2-2 with all the momentum in the world, this could be called a series changing win. Win two out of the next three with two at home and we can forget all about how this series started.

What an incredible performance from Isaiah at a time when this team needed its best player. So much for the whole Isaiah can’t show up in the playoffs thing. That was entertaining. Most surprising, Gerald Green went full 2K7, again, and just like that we go from on life support to in the drivers seat. What a wild ride. This team wants to be considered a tough mentally strong team, well this is how you do it. Gigantic wins. Let’s fucking GO!!

Get ready for tomorrow’s blog…we’re having some fun