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Failing Boston Globe Accuses Tom Brady of Stealing Money from Best Buddies to Help ... Other Charities. Sad!


I’ve been wondering for months now when the inevitable media backlash against Tom Brady for being golf pals with the President of the United States would begin and what form it would take. And finally I have my answer. It’s this slanted, hysterical and flat out bizarre hit piece by the Boston Globe. In which they’ve dug into Brady’s charity work and accuse him of stealing from Best Buddies, the exemplary and worthwhile charity who does wonderful work in order to fund … other exemplary and worthwhile charities that do wonderful work:

Brady’s relationship with Best Buddies has changed in recent years. The organization has become a major source of funding for Brady’s own charitable goals.

Since 2011, while Brady has served as the face of its signature Massachusetts fund-raiser and helped it raise nearly $20 million, Best Buddies has paid $2.75 million to Brady’s own charitable trust and has pledged to grant the organization an additional $500,000 in 2017 — a total of $3.25 million. …

The payments, made at Brady’s request, support his Boston-based Change the World Foundation Trust, whose giving has focused almost entirely on causes tied to Brady’s personal interests, including his high school alma mater, his children’s private schools, and charities operated by his football friends. Aiding those with disabilities, the focus of Best Buddies, has been a lower priority.

Independent charity monitors said there appears to be nothing illegal about the arrangement — charities can and do donate to other charities. But they questioned why someone of Brady’s wealth has taken large sums for his foundation from another charity that has its own priorities and needs. …

Best Buddies issued a news release crediting Brady with helping to raise $46.5 million since he began supporting the organization as a volunteer in 2001. …

But nonprofit watchdogs said the arrangement could diminish Brady’s charitable image.

What what WHAT?!?!?!? You mean to tell us Brady raised $46.5 million for Best Buddies and they gave $3.5 million back to him to help schools and the charities of other football players??? The horror! Scandal! Shame! Corruption! Greed! Diminished charitable image!!!

Well done, Globe. Good job. Good effort. In a world filled with actual scandal, of powerful and influential people using their power and influence to their own benefit, of politicians who are supposed to work for us but use their positions to make themselves rich, of celebrities who don’t do jack shit to help people in need, you dig into Tom Brady’s books and uncover his shameful secret: That he raises money for many good causes.

But hey, as always, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. When the facts aren’t on your side, go for a bunch of innuendo. Play the class warfare game. Snidely include in your hatchet piece how much Brady and Gisele make and suggest they don’t really give all that much. And by all means, don’t be shy about portraying it like Brady is stealing money out of the pockets of kids with learning disabilities and spending it on “his personal interests” like he bought himself a yacht, some hookers and a giant pile of blow instead of other good causes he’s passionate about.

And then when you’re done, ask yourselves why your failing Boston Globe isn’t worth the goddamned paper it’s printed on and how much longer you’ll be in business printing garbage like this.