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Some Out Of Shape Guy Bet His Buddy He Could Bench 185 Pounds And...Well Just Watch

Hard not to spoil this one in the headline but this video is too perfect not to taint the experience. I often don’t expect to find my day brightened by videos of farting black men — Dogfart videos being the one exception — but this one cracked me up. Just a perfectly timed, perfect pitched fart squeaking out. And it totally sums up what it’s like when you get back in the gym after some time being lazy. You try to do things your body really can’t do and that has some unintended consequences. Sometimes it’s joint pain or a muscle strain, other times it’s your ass going full trumpet mode because your body has zero clue what to do with this sudden physical activity stress on its system. The human body can only do so much when you let it atrophy into mediocrity and this guy’s asshole is proof.

But I loved this video even more because I clicked it not knowing the outcome and thought I was going to see this dude snap his arm in half or crush his trachea or something awful but, nope, just hilarious farts. Always a treat when the internet surprises us with something lighthearted and fun instead of gory and traumatic, particularly when we don’t have to smell it.