Skier Crashes HARD And Does A Billion Flips Along The Way

Absolutely hysterical. All the flips. All of them. If you go back and watch closely during the slow mo, the guy couldn’t face plant harder in the snow. Just a full serving of snow right in his grill piece. It’s awesome. I don’t feel bad for that kid at all. You lose all sympathy from me the second you decide you wanna ski down the side of a fucking mountain on little pieces of plastic. Mountains gonna do what mountains gonna do and that covers tossing you down the side of it like you’re a rag doll. His friend had so much confidence in him, too. YOU GOT IT! NOPE YOU DON’T GOT IT! OH MY GOD YOU REALLY DON’T GOT IT! Seven flips! Seven! That’ll be the greatest trick that kid ever does on skis. He didn’t do it on purpose but some of the greatest discoveries in human history were discovered on accident. So in a way all that pain was an accomplishment. Congrats.