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“When’s SAFTB back?”

“Hey dude can we get SAFTB going?!”

“My wife wants me to go to Ikea today! I thought SAFTB?! We gotta remind them!”

These have been my mentions for the last few months. Both I and SAFTB went dark, like an ex-girlfriend, and the world didn’t know how to react. But, still like an ex-girlfriend, when the weather gets nice we’re coming back out to strut our sexy ass right in your fuckin’ face. From Dewey Beach to the Cape, from Shore Club to the Hamptons, SAFTB is coming back this summer. I want the gifs, I want the videos, I want the screams, I want it all. Of course, I’ll be in Newport because that’s the birthplace of SAFTB and it would be a crime to ignore that, but we’re gonna be everywhere you go this summer.

Some people will hate it but you know what we call those folks? Bozos. Dinks. Turkeys. Lames. Not to be sexist but maybe girls. On Saturday you where your shirt and get as drunk as you’d like, it’s the ultimate free pass.

No one who’s fun has ever told you to stop having fun, remember that. I’ve got no plans to slow.

Buy a shirt, it’s Earth Day after all. No better way to celebrate than buying a shirt of your favorite place.

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