Rajon Rondo Ruled Out Indefinitely With A Thumb Fracture

Annnnnd there it is. Classic Classic Classic Classic Bulls. I woke up this morning genuinely excited to watch a Bulls basketball game for the first time since the 2015 playoff series against the Cavs. The Bulls are playing their best/most fun basketball in a looooong time and the UC will be absolutely rocking on a Friday night. And then bam, we get this news. Brutal. I still think the Bulls can win this series but it sure got a hell of a lot harder. Jerian Grant and MCW will now be playing HEAVY minutes. Jimmy has to do more, D-Wade has to get hot and basically the Bulls went from looking unbelievable to back to a complete enigma. Fucking Fuck. I didn’t think the Bulls were winning anything this year, obviously, but still. They were just playing their best basketball. I blame Schefter. Stay in your lane man, stay in your fucking lane.