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OddsShark Presents Glenny & The Bets


Isaiah Thomas Over 38.5 Points+Rebounds+Assists on Sunday night was one of the biggest locks there ever was. It was up there with the stuff of lock folklore like the Marlins ML on September 26th, 2016 and most Chargers overs. I don’t know if there will be any more locks of that stature this weekend, but I’m excited to find out with Matt’s picks. Since the NFL recently released it’s schedule, I’ve decided to pick every Week 1 Total for my portion of this week’s blog. Simply my first glance at the numbers and then we get to check back in September and see how dumb I was. Sounds like a win-win.

I know Matt has some winners below as well

2-1 last week in MLB and that is where the focus will stay for my Friday evening. Pick your spots…

  • Yankees -120 (Sabathia) @ Pirates +100 (Glasnow)
    • If you follow the Yanks you know that CC has transformed from a power thrower to a masterful spot-pickin son of a gun. He’s gotta be pushing 350 lbs these days, a true dedication to hiding the ball from batters. Pick: Yankees -120
  • Indians -160 (Kluber) @ White Sox +135 (Quintana)
    • This is probably the most classic Jose Quintana-gets-a-weird-win scenario we will see in the first half of the year. Pennant winner Indians coming to town with their ace, if you think it’s crazy that’s how you know it might work. Pick: White Sox +135
  • Celtics +1 @ Bulls
    • I actually had this picked before Rondo was declared out with a broken thumb, but that injury basically takes it from a value play off the recency bias to a lockness monster. I disagreed with the line of Celtics +1 with Rondo active, and still disagree with anything less than Celtics -5 with Rondo out. Pick: Celtics -2

Picks Record: 38-31. Fade or follow, have a good weekend

Week 1 Baby!

  • Chiefs at Pats 50- Over
  • Tampa Bay at Miami 47.5- Over
  • Pitt at Cleveland 47- Under
  • Jets at Bills 41.5 – Over
  • Jags at Houston 42.5 – Under
  • Philly at Washington 47 – Under
  • Arizona at Detroit 49 – Over
  • Baltimore at Cincy 43.5 – Over
  • Oakland at Tennessee 53 – Over
  • Atlanta at Chicago 51 – Under
  • Indy at LA Rams 47.5 – Under
  • Seattle at Green Bay 50 – Over
  • Carolina at SF 48.5 – Over
  • Giants at Dallas 51 – Under
  • NO at Minn 48.5 – Under
  • LA Chargers (weird) at Denver 44.5 – Over

That’s all, folks. Lots of playoffs on this weekend- win some cash for me. As always you can find me and Matt on Twitter for questions, comments, or concerns @mbrowner55 and @glenny_balls