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I Hate This Dude Who Used His Drone To Suspend Himself On A Hammock

Mirror – A man was spotted casually lying in a Drone-suspended hammock which was captured on camera floating in the sky. He was seen soaring over Khashuri, a town in the central part of Georgia, USA. People can be heard in the footage exclaiming in awe, and laughing as the hammock sways from side to side. The man appears to be quite relaxed as the Drone takes him higher into the clouds.

I hate drones. I hate people that own drones. And now I hate people that own drones who hang from them in fucking hammocks.  Most people will look at this guy and think he’s so awesome for floating around town like the king of the world. Nope, not me, I’m sitting here watching that video waiting for something to go wrong. I’m begging for it. People who trust drones like this and just blatantly ignore the Terminator movies are legit the dumbest people on the planet. Yeah sure, you got away this time and the drone didn’t become self aware and drop you from the sky, but it’s only a matter of time.

Is it going to be nuclear war with Korea and Russia that dooms us? No. Will it be a world wide plague that wipes us off this Earth? No. It’s going to be our continued dumb trust in these machines that dooms the human race. I mean just the other day we’ve got Russia inventing robots that can shoot guns. We’re asking for it at this point to just be annihilated, but there are a few of us out there I hope, “The Resistance”, that can put a stop to this.

If you see a maniac out there hanging from a drone in the sky, when he comes back down punch him in the face and break his drone. Be careful how you destroy the drone though because that might activate it being self aware and accidentally set off a war against the machines.