That Asshole Ian Poulter Shoots An Opening Round 75 At The Valero Texas Open

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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Great start. GREAT start. Fucking Poulter. The guy’s PGA Tour card is on the line and he comes out and fires a 75. Tied for 136th place. You just can’t root for a guy like that. You especially can’t root for a guy like that when he routinely tries to get normal people fired from their normal jobs whole he ships Ferraris across the country. I love it. The outpouring of support from people who are supporting us not supporting Poulter has been staggering. Everybody hates this guy. In a world where nobody agrees on anything, we’ve all bonded over hating Ian Poulter. It’s beautiful. For anybody that doesn’t know, Poulter needs to make $30,624 this week in Texas to keep his tour card. He’d have to finish somewhere in the top 40 or so. So if you have nothing else to root for this weekend, root against Poulter making $30,624.