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Swipe Drunk Love Tonight At 9PM We're Talking How To Compete For Love With Lacey Mark From 'The Bachelor'

Tonight at 9PM we go live with another episode of Swipe Drunk Love, the internet’s number one live dating podcast on Barstool’s Facebook page. As always, Smitty, Alyssa Rose, and I will be hosting the show and this week we’ll be joined by The Bachelor‘s Lacey Mark.

Given our attractive guest’s TV history, we’re talking about how to compete for love tonight. How do you win over that chick you’re into, how do you win someone back when you’ve lost them, how do you stalk any potential mates and threaten them with bodily harm (might omit the last one)? We’re getting into it, a veritable 4/20 special assuming I’m not asleep on a recliner in a pile of Doritos before then.

Catch up with last week’s episode on the friend zone on Soundcloud or watch the video below and make sure to tune in LIVE tonight at 9PM on Barstool’s Facebook Live.