HARDO ALERT! Cody Garbrandt Tried To Choke Out TJ Dillashaw On The FIRST EPISODE Of The Ultimate Fighter

Jeeeeesus Cody. Chill out man. It’s the first episode of the entire season and you’re already triggered as fuck.

Last night, during Octagon Bob’s interview with the Bantamweight Champ, he called Cody out for his hardo moment on season 22, when he said “I’ll do something about it” and shoved McGregor for saying TJ Dillashaw was a snake who’d leave Team Alpha Male.

Well, TJ Dillashaw turned out to be a snake who left Team Alpha Male, and I’m starting to think that was a good choice. Sure, Faber and Benavidez seem like good guys, but nobody else does. It could be part of the reason Paige VanZant (sup?) just left. It’s Hardo Central.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.20.53 AM

There’s no defending the throat grab. None. Cody called Dillashaw’s whole team fake, then he called Dillashaw fake, then he tried to murder Dillashaw…and just like that, I’m rooting for TJ on July 7th.

When you’re not as mature as this guy:

You might just be a hardo.